Best Anti Inflammatory There are few natural anti inflammatory supplements on the market and for people who suffer from chronic inflammation, the thought of taking prescription drugs day after day is not very appealing. Instead of adding chemicals to your body, you can relieve inflammation as well as keep it at bay with Nopal cactus juice, a natural supplement drink that will detoxify your body and is one the best anti inflammatory nutrients available directly from nature.

Betalain Phytonutrients

Some plants like the Nopal cactus found in the Sonoran Desert, as well as  vegetables like chard, rhubarb, red cabbage and beets contain varying amounts of betalains, which are phytonutrients. Betalains are particular to plants that grow naturally in difficult or extreme conditions, plants that have learned to adapt to their harsh environments. This cactus and the juice prepared from the plant has the highest levels of betalains known. Other plants with phytonutrients have much lower concentrations of betalains.

The Benefits of Betalains

Betalains have been scientifically proven to improve the immune system, reduce inflammation and are important antioxidants. Nopal cactus juice also contains high levels of magnesium, Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium, so it will improve your health as it protects the body against toxins. It is known to relieve inflammation and chronic pain and offers improvement to sufferers of asthma. If taken regularly, it will improve the sufferer’s quality of life, freeing them the do the physical activities they enjoy without pain or discomfort.

As an Anti Inflammatory

When you have an injury, the body’s natural reaction is to protect the area by inflaming it. The injured part of the body swells and reddens and this causes pain as it heals, which is generally a short-term inconvenience. [...]